• Hacking Role-playing & Storytelling Games

    Love a good game? Join us for hacking and prototyping apps, games, props, and web resources for role-playing and storytelling games. This session is an open time for prototyping all sorts of physical-computing props and web resources for games you play – or for games you invent on the spot. Bring an idea or be on the lookout for a project that needs your help. While the proposer doesn’t quite know how to pull off everything imagineable, we might…

    • Make 3D campaign maps that use miniatures and MaKey MaKeys to trigger encounters animated in Scratch.
    • Program interactive game-master Twitter bots.
    • Prototype and publish remixable game rules and resources like character sheets using HTML5 and CSS in webauthoring tools like Webmaker Thimble.
    • Write and share random campaign and adventure engines in coding languages like JavaScript.

    Bring your dice, games, ideas, expertise, hot glue, and cardboard – along with your favorite coding languages and any physical computing stuff you want – to hack and remix role-playing and storytelling resources out of ingenuity, circuitry, and the web. Extra experience points for community members who lend their hands to help others realize their wild and wacky game-making dreams.

    I can bring: a couple of MaKey MaKeys, cardboard, hot glue guns and hot glue, some LEDs and batteries, short jumper wires, and basic HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript skills.

    We might also need: Twitter bot overlords, web wranglers, designers of all ages, more stuff with which to build, and you and your imagination!

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  1. Karen Griscom says:

    Hi, Chad
    This sounds like a super fun workshop! I can speak a little about using Scratch–though it is pretty easy and fun to problem solve challenges together. I have Text Wrangler installed on my computer, if that’s helpful. I’m not sure if this workshop is going to conflict with Digital Pedagogy, though . . . :/ Will this be a hack session later. Forgive me if I read the schedule too quickly and missed it. Thanks for proposing such a fun and interactive session!

    • Chad Sansing says:

      I’m happy to offer the session any time during the day 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your interest – it looks like fun is in the works all around THATCamp!

      All the best,

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