• Teaching Critical Thinking via Digital Projects

    Hello Campers – I’m proposing an informal “Talk” session on the intersection of the digital realm and teaching critical thinking. I’m interested in exploring teaching strategies with this aim in mind. I thought we might exchange stories from the classroom or workshop, brainstorm projects, and consider the complexities.

    In the THATCamp spirit, I’m anticipating the conversation as wide-open, workshop-format, and look forward to a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

    Among my own lines of thought, I’m intrigued by the ways in which the digital realm may help to complicate the category of “critical thinking” itself, and esp. interested in new kinds of knowledge creation through digital projects (as well as more common invocations of critique itself.)

    A second, and closely related topic, might be that of audiences for this broader project. My immediate interest is in undergraduate pedagogy, but we might explore early graduate training, and also the ways in related projects might be extended beyond the university for collaborative projects with a broader community.

    p.s. One question that I found myself chewing on earlier this fall, inspired by the excellent “RailsGirls” event at GMU in Sept: what’s the relationship between teaching code and teaching critical thinking, especially to an undergrad audience in the humanities?


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  1. Hi, Susan
    I like your proposal. Over the past few years, I have used a couple digital game based modules as well as some meta-analysis of games as springboards for my Comp II students’ work with rhetorical analysis, crafting arguments, and thinking about civic engagement, freedom of speech and their own roles as writers in the world. I am interested to hear more about what other people are doing or thinking about.


  1. Digitally inflecting a class - THATCamp Virginia 2013
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