Ammon  Shepherd

  • Title / Position: Associate Director of Technology at RR CHNM
  • Organization: Center for History and New Media
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @mossiso

I'm a history Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University. I'm working on my dissertation about underground factory dispersal projects by the National Socialists and German businesses towards the end of World War II. Got a website and online archive all about it. (How's that for digital humanities?)

I'm also a systems administrator at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. I keep the hardware and software going for many fine programs.

  • Brainstorm some ideas for 3D printing the past


    3D printers today are like HTML in the early 1990’s. We just know something big is going to come of it, but what? I propose a session on sitting around and thinking up ways to use 3D printing for the humanities (history is my field, but any and all are welcome). How can we use 3D printers in the class room (practical experiences, fantastical ideas, lessons to learn)? How does 3D printing help us understand humanities now? Let’s prophesy what the future may bring for 3D printing and humanities. How will it evolve, as did HTML, to be a tool for disseminating knowledge and facilitate learning?

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