Brandon  Walsh


I am a fourth year PHD in the English department at UVA, where I am writing a dissertation on modernism and sound recordings. I also maintain an interest in all things music-related. In terms of DH: I was a Praxis Fellow in the Scholars' Lab, I've worked on both the content and development teams of the Little Red Schoolhouse web project, and I'm currently serving as Project Manager of NINES.

  • Audacity and Audio – in Play and in Practice

    A session on working and playing with audio files using Audacity, which has a fairly low barrier to entry for editing sound objects. Depending on interest and ability, we can take either a practical or a playful approach. I’m happy to walk people through some of its basic functions useful to DHers working with sound- how to slice out clips properly, deal with proprietary formats, repair audio clips, overlay tracks, etc. Or we can play around with some of audacity’s fun effects – phase shifting, echoes, pitch alterations, reversing sound waves – useful to more creative endeavors and creating sound art. I’m especially interested in how tinkering with sound artifacts might offer us new ways to interpret them. When does a sound object become something else-something new? We can work with any sound files that people may bring in, though I’ll bring in some samples to play with. The prize goes to the person who can process an otherwise human voice into the scariest thing we’ve ever heard.
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