Jeremy  Boggs

  • Title / Position: Design Architect
  • Organization: Scholars' Lab
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  • Twitter: clioweb
  • Exploring Hooks and Filters in Omeka and WordPress


    Omeka and WordPress (and plenty of other applications) have ways of adding or modifying existing data using things called hooks and filters. I’ve been developing projects with both of these applications for a while, and in my experience it’s often easier to write a simple function that uses one of these hooks or filters—instead of finding a plugin—to make some kind of modification to a project. These hooks and filters exist so you can make these kinds of changes without significantly altering the core of an application. Learning what each is about, and how you might use them to make some changes, can go a long way toward taking a project in a direction you want it to go, instead of accepting what the application gives you by default.

    I’d like to propose a session where we explore ways of using hooks and filters in each of these platforms. In the process, we could talk about ways of actually finding these hooks and filters, read the code to better understand how they work, and learn a bit of programming to make some changes to a site using each of these platforms. If you’d want to play along, you’d need access to change files in an Omeka and/or WordPress installation. (I won’t be able to provide this.) Otherwise, you could collaborate with someone in the room, or just watch, take notes, and ask questions to get information to take back to your project.


    Omeka Developer Documentation
    WordPress Plugin API 

  • Schedule Page is Up!


    We just posted a schedule page for our THATCamp next weekend! Our workshop day on Friday, November 8 will start at 1PM, when we’ll open up the registration table for you to pick your name tag and other swag. Our workshop schedule starts at 1:30, and will wrap up around 5PM. Later that evening, THATCamp organizers will head to a local restaurant for dinner. Anyone else is welcome to join us!

    We’ll start back up on Saturday morning, November 9 at 9am. Registration will be open again, and we’ll provide some breakfast and coffee, and then dive into the session scheduling fun! If you haven’t already, do post a session proposal here to our blog, so folks can get a sense ahead of time what kinds of sessions we might consider on Saturday morning. There are already a few good ones, so be sure to read through what’s already been proposed!

  • Hotels


    I just updated the Location and Logistics page to include information about blocks of rooms for two hotels in the area:

    Cavalier Inn
    Rate: $87/night
    Reservations: call 434-296-8111 or 1-888-882-2129
    Cut-Off Date: Oct. 9th
    Block Name: THATCampVA 2013

    Red Roof Inn
    Rate: $79.99/night
    Reservations: call 800-redroof or 434-295-4333
    Cut-Off Date: Oct 7th
    Block name: UVA ALDERMAN LIB THATCAMPVA 2013 group

    If you need a hotel for the weekend, be sure to book early! We’re working on reserving blocks of rooms at other hotels, and we’ll update the site as soon as that happens.

  • Camp Dates, Workshops, Kids Track


    We’ve updated the dates for the VA 2013 camp: November 8–9. We’ll have a slate of hotels reserved for attendees, and will post that information soon. The unconference will be the second day, November 9. We’re planning to offer workshops as well, and depending on the number of and interest in those, we may offer them both days. We’ve already got a few workshop ideas in the works:

    • Introduction to Git & Github – Eric Rochester
    • Teaching Digital Humanities – Jeff McClurken
    • 3D Modeling and Printing – Wayne Graham and Jeremy Boggs
    • DIY Aerial Photography – Chris Gist
    • Data Management for Digital Humanities – Purdom Lindblad and Andi Ogier

    If you like these ideas, or if there’s a workshop you’d like to see us organize, please leave a comment! And if you have a workshop you’d like to offer, let us know that too!

    We’re also planning to have a track specifically for kids. A few ideas we have for that include:

    • Sandbox room/game play room? (minecraft/scratch loaded computers)
    • 3D print Minecraft creations e.g.
    • Kodoble and Hopscotch are free iPad games aimed at teaching young kids to code
    • “Soft circuit” maker materials?
    • Board game session. (Something like Forbidden Island or Settlers of Catan?  Or have kids create their own board games?)
    • GPS Scavenger Hunt

    We’d love to hear from folks planning to attend in November. What workshops would you like to attend or do you think would be interesting, for kids’ or adults? Interested in helping out with the kids’ track? Please share in the comments! We’ll formalize the slate of workshops and events for both tracks in September, so you’ve got plenty of time to contribute.

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