• Schedule

    Friday, November 8


    THATCampVA will open Friday afternoon, November 8th, at 1:00PM, in the Scholars’ Lab. You’ll have a choice of workshops that afternoon.

    Registration opens; pick up packet.

    Intro to GIS (Chris Gist)

    Data Management for the Humanities (Purdom Lindblad) or 3D Modeling (Jeremy Boggs and Wayne Graham)

    Digital Pedagogy (Jeff McClurken) or Intro to Git/GitHub (Eric Rochester)


    Join THATCamp organizers for food and libations at a nearby restaurant, Boylan Heights—home of gourmet burgers, salads, and more. THATCamp organizers will be found in the upstairs area of the restaurant starting at 6:00 p.m. There is a parking deck just behind Boylan Heights. It’s also within walking distance of the Scholars’ Lab.

    Saturday, November 9th

    Go to the Google Doc

    The great thing about THATCamp is that you get to help make the schedule the morning of the event! Given that, the schedule for Saturday won’t be set until Saturday. We’re definitely starting at 9am that morning: Registration will be open then, and we’ll provide a modest breakfast and plenty of coffee. Shortly after that, we’ll start putting together the sessions schedule based on your ideas! The number and length of session will depend largely on our discussion that morning, but we’re imagining around ~16 sessions lasting about an hour each. We have about six rooms reserved in Alderman and Clemons libraries to hold sessions throughout the day.

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